Tips on how to select a travel insurance

June 05, 2015 |

Vibrant life presupposes various experience got in different situations. Traveling is one of the most successful ways of cognition of social phenomenon and external world, but as any enticement it conceals jeopardies, which may turn unforgettable adventure into a rather non-pleasant slovenliness. Just imagine – all by yourself in a foreign country without support, friends and means of subsistence, what can you do in such situation? Experience shows that it is easier to prevent, than to solve, so to bar from dangerous situations take care about travel insurance.

How to select travel insurance? Firstly, it should be mentioned, that any travel insurance shares the expenses only with the sudden illness like cold or influenza. To the most spread damages we may render also gastrointestinal disturbances, silver medal is given to traumas and other injuries. Even usual toothache may be non-pleasant and rather expensive surprise. Travel insurance of expectant mother is possible if the term does not went beyond 12 weeks, as far, as complications, connected with flight and climate change. It goes without saying, that any tourist expects sickness during vacation, still, as practice shows, it is easier to spend 10-20 $ for travel insurance, than hundreds for outpatient treatment.

As a matter of fact, travel insurance presupposes compensation of expenditure and medical service in the case of trauma or illness, still nuances you shall enhance before departure. Not the least of the factors is the territorial restriction of travel insurance - it covers bodily injuries only in the borders of country, where you rest, leaving out of account places, which you drive by. Special actuality it has for bus tours.

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If your journey is connected with active rest, it makes sense to take care about additional travel insurance of sports-related accidents. It costs a little more, but considering high risks, you should remember: penny wise and pound foolish. Medical treatment for the simplest sprains and disjunctions, repatriation without insurance is to hit your wallet. Do not forget, that standard package goes without consideration the probable consequences of your personal shortcomings: pay attention, that free doesn't mean complete and the best travel insurance policy is the case you should fork out. Main tips for travelers are in charge to Foreign and Commonwealth Office and are so:

Any damages and ailments caused by various factors abroad should be covered by police legally provided;
There should be no timing or territorial constraints;
Travel insurance is not available in the case, when you are accused in creating favorable conditions for self-injury;
Untimely abrogation of vacation, concerned with unscheduled return or other unplanned conditions;
Happenings, connected with dropping of personal things;
Dangerous acts and hazardous activities, which is usually neglected in standard travel insurance police and which has direct reference to your trip;
Complete expenses your residence abroad in details, like unscheduled legal costs, personal mishaps compensation, etc.

Correct travel insurance police do not contemplate ready money, but some clinics press for cash. In such case you must contact by telephone or e-mail with your insurance agent.

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